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Mad In America

Prescription Privileges for Psychologists: Is Our Consent Fully Informed?
Mad In America
This past June, Illinois became the 3rd state to allow psychologists to prescribe medications commonly used for psychiatric issues, after New Mexico and Louisiana have enacted similar laws. As indicated in a recent Chicago Tribune article, the debate ...

These Psychologists Think We'd Be Happier If We Talked to Strangers More
A daily subway commute can leave you with a lot of time to feel alone, even in a way-too-crowded space. A pair of psychologists suggest that we might all be happier if we removed the irony of the situation, and actually engaged with the folks around us.


Psychologists Have Uncovered a Troubling Feature of People Who Seem Nice ...
In 1961, curious about a person's willingness to obey an authority figure, social psychologist Stanley Milgram began trials on his now-famous experiment. In it, he tested how far a subject would go electrically shocking a stranger (actually an actor ...

Psychologists Prescribing Medication Is a Bad Idea
Huffington Post (blog)
The state of Illinois has now joined the states of New Mexico and Louisiana in allowing clinical psychologists the right to prescribe psychotropic medications. This new privilege comes with the requirement that psychologists take extra training to ...

State Board of Psychologists, Montana VA to resolve complaint by veteran
Billings Gazette
MISSOULA ? The state Board of Psychologists and a U.S. attorney representing a doctor with the VA Montana Health Care System have agreed to resolve a complaint filed by a veteran of the Iraq War. The Office of Administrative Hearings with the ...

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