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Realms Architectural AIA

    Mental Health

1216 State Highway 235
Harpursville, NY 13787
Phone: (607)693-2999

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Psychologists Say Doing These 7 Activities Will Make You Happier
Huffington Post
Happiness is good for you. Psychology research shows that happy people make more money, perform better at work, live longer, and have better marriages than everyone else. But the causes of happiness are elusive ? philosophers have been trying to ...

Penn State Psychologists Conduct Study on Human Memory
Onward State
Have you ever watched a professor explain a homework problem, only to forget how to do it two minutes later? Well, according to Penn State psychologists this could be due to a phenomenon called ?attribute amnesia.? The concept is simple ? if you don't ...

Psychologists testify in Birmingham schools' pepper spray trial
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. ?Two psychologists took the stand Monday in a trial over whether Birmingham police officers should be allowed to use pepper spray on students who become unruly. Related. Blizzard a "minor blip" for... 1 dead, 3 injured in Cordova ...

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United Federation of Teachers

Social Workers and Psychologists Newsletter - January 2015
United Federation of Teachers
Happy New Year! I hope you had an enjoyable holiday break spent with family and friends. As we start 2015, I want to commend everyone for making it through this past year. I know that it wasn't easy, but I truly hope that you are celebrating your ...

Business Insider

Science Says The Smartest Teams Share These 3 Traits
Business Insider
Ever wondered what would happen if you took the best and brightest thinkers in the world and stuck them in a room together? Would they finally figure out how solve poverty? Establish a colony on Mars? End the California drought? The answer ...

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